Mod Mafia Aluminium 5 Inch Offset Snorkel

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Our 5″ offset snorkel is made from TIG welded aluminum and supports a Syclone Precleaner on top.  The Syclone ejects debris out by the cyclonic-like force created by the rotor inside the dome. It’s this force of spinning the debris that pushes them out the ejection slit.  No need to empty a dust trap, or turn your snorkel to the side in rain, snow or heavy dust.

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Weight 10 kg

2 reviews for Mod Mafia Aluminium 5 Inch Offset Snorkel

  1. Grant C.

    Bullet Proof Flawless Service & Parts
    Really great flawless service. Thanks to the MM team. The parts are on another caliber just bullet proof. Thanks again I can highly recommend MM for any upgrades you require on your hummer

  2. Grant C.

    Best snorkel on the market
    Big thanks to the MM team flawless service providing the best 5 inch snorkel on the market. Perfect upgrade for more air for your turbo. More air more efficient more power

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