"Just bought my 2nd H1 and just like the first I reached out to Mod Mafia for parts, advice and repairs. These guys are top notch and always go above and beyond to help the customer. Highly recommended for any exotic vehicles, Hummers, Land Rovers, etc." - Paul Roebuck

"Mod Mafia Offroad is the best in the business when it comes down to the Hummer H1 and HMMWV platform! The work they do is unmatched by any other company and I'd definitely recommend them to anybody who owns a Hummer H1 or HMMWV." - Austin Connors

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Nothing gets overlooked." - Daniel Rodriguez

"Always the best service and advice! I’ve bout A LOT of parts here over there years and have never been disappointed." - Tracy Tooley

"Their parts are first class and precision made . They test parts on the trails before selling them, and they have a passion for what they do. They don’t just sell parts they use them and back them up with their word....." - Lenny Bondi


"These guys are the best in the biz when it comes to Hummers and Exotics! Their engineering and build skills at this shop are out of this world! Very impressive and highly recommended! ." - Brett Tyler

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"awesome products for the h1" - Andrew Richards.