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These door lock pulls replace the low quality factory plastic ones that commonly break.

Our 1992-2003 kits now come with (5) door lock pulls, (4) right hand thread and (1) left hand thread. On the 1992-2003 model years, sometimes, the right front door lock knob is left hand thread.

Our 2004 or 2006 kits come with (4).

Billet aluminum interior door lock pulls. Each one individually machined from solid 6061-T6 aluminum.  NO sheet metal used, no welds, no shortcuts.  Media blasting gives them a light texture and then they are anodized black. They’re strong and look good (just like the truck they were designed for). You won’t find better made Pulls anywhere else.


– Some trucks have one left handed thread front passenger door lock pull. All the backs and driver front are righthand thread.

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8 reviews for Door Lock Pulls

  1. Pericles L.

    Metal is better than plastic.
    H1 = tough. Plastic doesn’t really fit with the image and functionality of your truck. The standard door lock pulls are cheap and don’t really offer any grip to pull on them and open the door.

    These door lock pulls are machined beautifully. They are also engineered precisely so that when the door is locked they line up right in place. It’s an easy install and looks great.

    God is in the details, right? Buy these and do a small upgrade for your truck that both you and your passengers will enjoy.

  2. John H.

    Look great. I had to
    Look great. I had to leave them a little loose and high because when they were screwed all the way down and the door would lock they would end up under the interior panel. Otherwise I’m happy

  3. Armando R.

    Door pulls
    I have a 93 H1 so the threads are different I’ll just tap them correctly thanks for the great looking pulls

  4. David S.

    Door lock pulls
    Best material

  5. Glen C.

    Great quality good fit.
    Leaps and bounds better than stock originals….something to actually grab onto?

  6. Jojo

    Love them. Super heavy duty quality product.
    These are great. No more cheesy plastic wannabe lock pulls that break off or crack in the cold. Why didn’t Hummer make them like this to begin? They are a great high quality product. Love them.

  7. Charles K.

    Excellent product and excellent service. For the H1, these vehicles are considered exotic and intended to be luxury items yet from the factory, many items were cheap plastic. Mod Mafia makes parts as they should have been originally. Metal and elegant.

  8. Grant

    Door push knobs 10 out 10
    Great product very happy can highly recommend. If you want a small upgrade this is the 1st choice .Cheers GC

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