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Mod Mafia Ribbed Inspection Hub Covers


Inspection Site Glass

These Hub covers have a site glass installed so the level and condition of the fluid can be seen and monitored without removing the wheel or opening the fill plug.  This is a large advantage over stock hub covers because if you get water in your hub you will be able to see the hub oil turn murky.  Being able to see the level is important for general maintenance, but it’s extremely helpful on long road trips.  It can add piece of mind if you discover a hub oil leak because then you will know if you need to tow your vehicle home or just drive it and fill when you get home. 


Why Ribbed

We wanted to produce a ribbed hub cover to increase cooling.  Although hubs are one of the most reliable pieces on the truck, that does not mean it could not be better.  Our results over the course of months of testing has shown a reduction in the heat generated from driving by 36%.  Example:  we saw temperatures of 2wd Hummers get to 160F when ambient was 80F.  With these covers it dropped the temp by 28.8F to 131.2F.  This reduction in hub temperature will increase seal and oil life.



  • These plates are machined from 6061 T6 aluminum
  • All new 304 SS hardware is included
  • MM machined fill plug
  • Inspection Site Glass is rated for 500F and 1000psi
  • Anodized
  • Extra machining on hub covers to clear steering arms (where needed)

Sold in sets of (4) enough for entire truck.

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Weight 4 kg


6 reviews for Mod Mafia Inspection Hub Covers

  1. Adrian S.

    Interior Parts
    Flawless products and amazing service

  2. Allen P.

    The best product out there
    It’s always like getting a box of cereal I’m just waiting to find the hummer hotwheels! Then see if it one that I’ve already gotten. These guys sell the best top notch products but be ready to pay for the best as well.

  3. Doyle T.

    great covers
    heavy duty, site glass you can keep track of hum oil, look great

  4. Fletcher

    Outstanding quality
    Love the look and the site glass is super smart!

  5. Brad K.

    Beautiful and impressive
    I was skeptical spending as much as these cost. But after getting them, the quality and functionality were more than worth it! Highly recemented!

  6. Grant C.

    Rubba dub dub here is the best hub covers
    With out doubt the best hub covers on the market not only aesthetical pleasing but a excellent way of maintaining peace of mind knowing your oil is in good condition after driving through those deep water crossings or muddy holes great upgrade.

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