Body Lift 2″ and 3″ Shifter Correction System


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We are the first company to develop a complete system to correct the factory shifter setup for use with a body lift. We found that others on the market change the shifter arm, but do not solve the problem.  By correcting both the shifter and transmission levers, the factory geometry is maintained. Something that a lengthened shifter arm alone cannot fix.

Simply changing the linkage adds straight line length, but by itself that length does not work as the shifter lever swings front to back.  The “pendulum” motion of the lever arms requires corresponding shift arm geometry changes.  As the pendulum arm is swung backwards (shifter goes forward for park), it requires the shortest distance to the transmission, HOWEVER, when it is swung all the way back, it is NOT long enough to get the level arm to 1st Gear.  With this kit, the relationship between each lever arm is returned to factory-like setting. Do not sacrifice by using a “fix” which does not allow use of both Park and 1st Gear.

Includes both Trans and T-case corrections.

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