An Engineer-Owned and Operated Hummer / HMMWV Restorer and Parts Company

Magnolia, Texas-based Mod Mafia was founded over six years ago by two engineers with a passion for automobiles.  While initially focused on the H1 Hummer, Mod Mafia’s expertise expanded over time to include other fast and rare automobile platforms.   However, the Hummer/HMMWV platform is and will always be Mod Mafia’s passion.

Today, Mod Mafia is considered one of the world’s largest Hummer/HMMWV specialists servicing, modifying and restoring trucks in its shop from all parts of the U.S.  Mod Mafia also designs, engineers and manufactures Hummer/HMMWV parts as well as parts for other luxury makes and markets these and third party products around the world.

Mod Mafia's mission is to provide world leading quality and reliability in maintaining and upgrading "handmade" vehicles utilizing the Hummer/HMMWV platform via superior technical and customer service delivered timely and cost effectively.   Mod Mafia fulfils this mission through its application of superior vehicle competence, unsurpassed quality control, highly trained, dedicated technicians and time-tested industry relationships.

Mod Mafia prides itself on its Hummer and HMMWV platform aftermarket solutions and innovations.  Mod Mafia’s owners and clients challenge their trucks on- and off-road, proving sustainable reliability and high-performance can be achieved with one of the most difficult automobile platforms ever manufactured.

Since inception, Mod Mafia has experienced many aftermarket parts manufacturers and suppliers that failed to meet its expectations.  Our clients report and lament similar experiences.   Mod Mafia views these shared experiences as a tremendous opportunity…. IT WILL RAISE THE BAR in connection with client expectations and satisfaction.  Mod Mafia is committed to its market and clients….IT IS HERE TO STAY.

Mod Mafia believes it has only scratched the surface of Hummer/HMMWV platform innovation and optimization.  Its owners and employees continue to challenge the theories and assumptions associated with the platform’s design, engineering and performance limitations.  Mod Mafia believes, “just because something appears to be working, doesn’t mean it can’t work better or more reliably.”

Mod Mafia looks forward to successfully working with you and your trucks for as long as you own them regardless of whether the job involves an online parts sale, a complete rebuild or basic maintenance.

If you have a Hummer / HMMWV, give us a call.  We would love to talk about your truck and your dreams.

Our Process

Mod Mafia is passionate about enhancing the reliability and performance of Hummers and HMMWVs through component by component and system by system innovation.  Every product Mod Mafia develops is subjected to exhaustive R&D processes, engineering, prototyping, testing, and where appropriate, full FEA (Finite Element Analysis) long before being offered to the public.

Josh and Mark each have highly modified H1s, running 42” tires and employing countless in-house developed and third party aftermarket parts.  Mod Mafia’s current on-line parts offerings number well into the hundreds, with over twice that number in drafting and/or design phases.  Mod Mafia is committed to ongoing optimization of the platform.

Mod Mafia’s owners pride themselves on being one of the few vendors that actually challenge their trucks extensively AND technically off-road.  In doing so, Mod Mafia supports and attends a number of exciting and demanding off-road wheeling event annually. Please stay in contact with our Events calendar as this year’s schedule firms up.  Many of these events are open to the public; availability is limited and openings go fast.

Connect With Us

If you have an idea, need or want you would like Mod Mafia to consider or fulfill, then please contact us at sales@modmafia.com.  We appreciate your input.  If you are thinking about “it,” then Mod Mafia has probably thought about it or should be thinking about it. Mod Mafia’s staff looks forward to exploring your dreams.