Oil Pressure Sensor Relocate – OPS

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This hose will relocate your Oil Pressure Sensor.  It accomplishes two main things.  First it get the sensor away from the heat of the engine.  Second, it makes it very easy to change at a later date so you dont have to take off the dog house.

Sensor is not included.

2 reviews for Oil Pressure Sensor Relocate – OPS

  1. Brett S.

    This is a definite MUST HAVE!
    I have 2003 H1 and have gone through two OPS in just under 18 months, which I attributed to the heat in the location of the OPS … THIS FIXED IT … simple install which can be done without removing the DogHouse, just make sure you engine is cool … relocated and installed a new OPS and PigTail and secured the newly relocated OPS to the air intake … PROBLEM SOLVED … If you’re changing your OPS, spend the extra few dollars and get the OPS Relocation Hose and a new PigTail, you won’t regret it.

  2. Troy Y.

    Great product!!!
    Great products make changing your oil pressure sensor easier and saves hours of work!

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