Mod Mafia 240 Amp Alternator

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This alternator is built for us to our strict specifications — no compromises.  It is designed for the 6.5TD and 6.5NA.  It provides over 140 amps at idle!  Max output of 240 amps occurs at 2,000 rpm.  The factory H1’s came with 124 amp alternators, but that only happens above 2,200rpm.  This is the perfect modification to match all your aftermarket electrical accessories.

We tested these hard for over 2 years and, of course, Moab tested.

All units are black and come with instructions.

Note:  New positive and negative cables will need to be made during install.

1 review for Mod Mafia 240 Amp Alternator

  1. Grant C.

    Best performance power upgrade you can get
    If you want to improve the overall performance of your hummer this is a must have item. Improving life span of your batteries providing you the load you require to put all those upgrade you want like a pumping stereo system and aircraft landing lights to stun and stop those animals your hunting in their tracks. Whilst blasting them with that new 1000 dB air horn. All whilst ensuring your refrigerator runs smoothly. Highly recommend this upgrade for your auxiliaries to get the power they require.

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