Glow Plug Removal Tool

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If you’ve ever had a glow plug tip swell, you know that it can be next to impossible to remove it without removing the head from the engine.

This tool is machined to fit the head of the glow plug. To use, simply unscrew the glow plug from the cylinder head, slip the tool over the hex head of the glow plug and as you hold it in place, turn the outer sleeve toward the cylinder head until it makes contact and will hold itself there. Next, screw the outer sleeve clockwise while holding the inner still. The glow plug will be extracted in moments. Will work on both 12v or 24v, 6.5 liter or 6.2 liter diesel engine glow plug.

2 reviews for Glow Plug Removal Tool

  1. Neil A.

    Great tool
    Great tool

  2. Charles K.

    Great tool
    Excellent product and excellent service. For the H1, these vehicles are considered exotic and intended to be luxury items yet from the factory, many items were cheap plastic. Mod Mafia makes parts as they should have been originally. Metal and elegant.

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