UORVA Engineering High Performance Mechanical Lift Pump Kit


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Through UORVA Engineering extensive engine testing and AM General backed Baja Race Team experience, we bring you the lift pump from the Baja 1000.

What is so interesting about the mechanical lift pump is that it runs off the crankshaft and therefore it increases pump rate as RPM increases!  So, your injection pump will never go to 0 psi or negative.

We plumb the output of the lift pump into the Fuel Filter Manager, so everything acts normal.

The factory lift pump or any other factory looking lift pump can’t keep up with stock engines and are known for failure.  If someone puts a fancy sticker on it, it does not make it more reliable or more powerful.

Kit includes:

– Mechanical Lift Pump

– Rod to drive pump

– Gasket

– Hoses, clamps, and hardware needed for install

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