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  • BlueHummer Outfitters Locking Spindle Nut Kit (per hub)

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    We strongly recommend installing these on every Hummer H1/HMMWV.  We have them installed on our vehicles that we use in the HumveeLife videos.  The factory spindle nuts have been known to fail and let the wheel of the Hummer come off while driving.  This kit was designed to eliminate that problem for good.

    Simple 4-piece kit per hub.  One kit is for one hub.  (4) kits needed for one truck.

    Developed and manufactured exclusively for BlueHummer Outfitters by Stage 8 Locking Fasteners using their patented locking fastener technology. Guaranteed not to come loose.

    Completely reusable. No thread locker required.

    Simple 4-step installation.

    Step 1: Install Notched Washer.
    Step 2: Install and tighten Grooved Spindle Nut per AMG instructions. (1-3/4" socket required.) 
    Step 3: Install Locking Retainer. One of 6 possible positions will securely engage the Notched Washer. 
    Step 4: Install Snap Ring. (Large snap ring pliers required.) 

    View detailed instructions here.

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