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The ARB Air Compressor Manifold Kit will allow you to complete the installation of Air Locker solenoids to an air source like the ARB compressor, or a regulated gas bottle.

Kit includes:
•    The manifold body with mounting bracket.
•    2 x ¼” NPT ports. One can be used for the pump while the other can be an input source.
•    2 x 1/8” BSPP port provisions for the Air Locker solenoids.
•    1 x stainless steel Teflon hose with fittings.
•    2 x JIC4-1/4 NPT nipples to connect the included hose directly to the compressor outlet, and manifold input.
•    2 x M6 hex head bolts and nylon locking nuts for installation of the manifold kit.

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