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  • Upper Ball Joint Hardware Kit


    With our experience offroading and daily use of our trucks we found that the reused stock hardware is not always up to the task that get demanded of them.  Thats why we offer a fine thread allen bolt package that exceeds grade 8 strenght.  We also have increased torque specs to get the most out of this upgrade. 

    We use allen head on the bottom of the connection so that it does not create a sharp stress raiser for the factory rubber boots.  This helps increase ball joint boot life which increase the releability of the joint.  Also the allen head bolts make it easy to check the torque during install or out on the trail with out having to remove the tire. 

    One Kit has enough hardware for (1) Upper Ball Joint.


    - (4) allen bolts

    - (4) centerlock nuts

    - (8) washers

    With these bolts you torque to 45ft-lbs instead of 28-37ft-lbs as the stock bolts