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Frame Mount 3" Body Lift


More info and pictures coming soon!

With the option to purchase the Steering Shaft Boot a nylon bearing sleeve is included.

Kit Includes:

Rear Mounts (pr) - Frame Mounts that lift bumper

Mid Mounts (pr) - Mid-section Frame Mounts

Front (cab) Mounts (pr) - Billet Mounts are used to reduce install time and allow clearance to hoses (some models)

Hood Mounts (pr) - Properly moves up the hood and relocates brush guard

Fuel Selector Valve Mount - Properly space up FSV to reduce tension in fuel lines

Tank Straps and Spacers - Properly raise fuel tank

Steering Shaft Closeout - Closes the gap after cutting the tub for the steering shaft to pass-through

Fuel Filler and Vent hoses - Includes all clamps and compression fittings

Kit comes with hardware and coated with "textured black" powdercoat.