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This super low profile Treehugger™ Roof Rack adds just 1 ½” to the overall height of the truck for those low clearance garages and provides protection to the gutter line of the truck for those off camber situations against any obstacles on the trail. This rack not only has the lowest profile on the market, but it also evenly distributes the load across the entire roof of the truck instead of just the gutters for an increased load capacity.  Rubberduck 4×4 will offer the rack with several options including spare tire mount, powder-coated or bed-liner coated aluminum floor slats and access ladders.


The 9 Foot Roof Rack is pictured with the Optional Black Powder-coat Finish and the Roof Rack Tire Mount.


Shopping our competitor for a (seemingly) comparable product?

Here’s why ours “spanks” the competition!

  • The lowest profile anywhere! Adds just 1 ½” to the overall height of the truck
  • Aluminum Floor Slats are 3/8” thick, one-piece for strength and ease of installation
  • Six cross-supports on wagon models for unparalleled load capacity
  • Rack is supported across the entire roof (not just the corners) for unparalleled load capacity
  • Side tubes provide body protection during off-camber off-road situations
  • Can be ordered with bare, power-coated or LineX® coated Aluminum Floor Slats
  • All stainless hardware
  • Powder-coated with a textured black finish that can easily be touched up after off-road abuse with Rust-Oleum Textured #7220 paint that is a “dead-ringer” match in color and texture.

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Weight 1 kg

6', 9.5'


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