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These Interior Grab Handles live up to the quality and uniqueness that all of our custom products do.  There are so many small details put into every piece.  For example, the cross hatch on the grip, the pedestals, rear cloths hanger, and so much more.  We never liked the stock handles and these new ones help finish off the interior.  These handles help entry and egress because of how strong they are, and they stick out just a little bit more which helps when grabbing.

Set of 4.  (Contact us if you only need 2.)

Billet aluminum interior pieces. Each one individually machined from solid 6061-T6 aluminum. There is NO sheet metal used, no welds, no shortcuts. After machining they get a light media blasting to give them a very light texture and then anodized black. They’re strong and look good (just like the truck they were designed for). You won’t find better made product anywhere.

4 reviews for Interior Grab Handles

  1. James C.

    Grab Handles
    We were looking for the best upgrades for the interior of our H1 build. The aluminium grab handles are killer. They look and feel great!!

  2. Jamey H.

    Better than expected
    I was a little worried about heat transfer but to my surprise, not a problem at all. Look and deal great!

  3. Fletcher

    Perfect Look and Feel
    I bought the entire interior set of MM billeted interior pieces and they all look great. It adds a lot to the sense of quality in the interior. The grab handles are my favorite! I use it every time I get in and out the the truck. They are the perfect size and feel totally solid. Very nice upgrade!

  4. Elias R.

    Grab Handles
    Amazing product!!!

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