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Durango 2022

Trail days:  September 15th through the 16th.

Event coordinator:  Dave Breggin, BlueHummer@earthlink.net

Back by popular demand!  This year the Durango event will again be held just before the Moab event.

In Durango we will be running Northern New Mexico trails like Grim Reaper and Secret! If you haven’t run either of these trails,  you have missed out on some of the best Hummer wheeling there is. Your truck will do things you didn’t know it could! If you have been on these trails, then you probably can’t wait to get to back to them and have another go!

Self-guided trips are also available to some breathtaking high-alpine passes, ghost towns and historic trails near Ouray & Telluride, Colorado.

Some Notable Information:

              Driver’s meeting each morning at the departure point (TBA). Be fueled up and have a lunch packed each trail day. Bring extra water and snacks.  Be prepared for long trail days.

              Trail communication:  Instead of CB Radios, we will be using FRS radios for this event.  These radios are inexpensive, have similar range and better clarity than CB, and no license is required.  (They are compatible with GMRS radios, for those that have them.)  If you do not have an FRS radio, we will loan you one for the event.

              Be certain that your truck is well maintained and that it is in good operational condition.

Mechanical Support provided by Mod Mafia

Fees:   Truck & Driver:  $40.00

Registration Info:   Register Online
Event fees must be paid online at time of registration

Mechanical Support is provided at all major Club events
At Major events the event coordinator and other club members will support any needed repairs to the best of their ability so everyone can fully participate and get home afterwards. We will work to the best of our ability to support you. Your truck must be in excellent mechanical condition due to the nature of these events. Basic hand tools and spare parts on-hand and/or parts that wear when off-roading we suggest you carry. Contact the event coordinator if you have questions about mechanical support and/or what to bring.


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