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Parts, Accessories, and Service

What We Do

Mod Mafia offers full restoration, aftermarket modification, parts engineering and development, fabrication and manufacturing, bumper to bumper service capability, online product sales and experience and relationships across the Hummer/HMMWV world.  Since its inception in 2016, Mod Mafia has actively acquired engineering and parts expertise from names including Blue Hummer, Uorva Engineering and JFAB to extend its capabilities.  In 2021, Mod Mafia acquired the HUMMER NETWORK forum popular with Hummer and HMMWV owners.  In late 2021, Mod Mafia added vehicle brokering services to its capabilities and is actively looking to purchase qualified trucks.


Mod Mafia specializes in hand-built, low-production vehicles requiring extra attention and specialized expertise to maintain.  Our primary operations revolve around the Hummer H1, H2 and H3 and HMMWV platform.  However Mod Mafia has significant expertise with other makes of off-road and exotic premium vehicles.  We exercise the same commitment to innovation and excellence on these platforms as we do to Hummers and HMMWVs.  These makes include:


  • Lamborghini
  • Rolls Royce
  • Porsche
  • Other Premium Brands
  • Ferrari
  • Viper
  • Range Rover

Mod Mafia prides itself on its commitment to quality and client satisfaction.  You can be sure you are hiring qualified professionals when you choose Mod Mafia.