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  • Mod Mafia Alpha 12k Brake Kit

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    This is the best brake kit for the money on the Hummer H1 or HMMWV platform.  We use only OEM parts.  Our mounting system makes them work on your truck.

    Don’t be fooled by fancy drilling or slotting, they don’t increase performance in this application.  They do significantly decrease the strength and longevity.

    A reliable Hummer has a happy owner.

    Note:  after installing the 12k Alpha Brake Kit, your factory Under Carriage Protection (UCP) will no longer fit.  We have our UCP as option.

    - Mod Mafia Front Differential Upper Bracket (includes 12k input differential mount)
    - Mod Mafia Rear Differential Upper Bracket
    - (4) 12” 12k OEM Rotor
    - (8) OEM Brake Pads
    - (4) Brake Caliper Mounts
    - Hardware