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  • UORVA Engineering 300HP Turbo

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    UORVA Engineering has a custom turbo specifically designed to fit the factory Hummer H1 and HMMWV 6.5 TD engines.  It features a unique design Compressor Housing, Turbine, and Cast Wastegate.  Comes with a nonadjustable mechanical wastegate.  We are the only ones to offer a custom turbo that bolts up like factory.  Spools sooner, increased thermal efficiency, less parasitic drag, and lower EGT's.  This turbo has the downpipe drop on the driverside and drastically reduces the length of the factory exhaust system.

    Finally, a truly well-engineered turbo assembly for the 6.5 TD is available.  With proper supporting modifications, it is capable of a reliable 300hp.

    We have Downpipe and Turbo Blankets that are highly recommended to keep heat and sound out of the interior of the truck.

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