Engineer Owned and Operated

Mod Mafia Super Tune


The Mod Mafia Super Tune is a new tune to the market specifically designed for the Hummer H1 6.5TD.  We did the original development and testing of this Tune on our own trucks.  In our testing compared to another popular tuning company we found the following:

  • Cooler engine temps

  • 1.5 mpg increase

  • Higher top speed

  • Quicker acceleration

  • Better shifting

  • Better starts

Suggested Supporting Mods

  • Mechanical Wastegate

  • WHLP (Walbro Hummer Lift Pump)

  • FTB (Feed The Beast)

  • Lift Pump Relay Harness

  • Open exhaust

  • Remote Mount PMD

  • Boost Gauge

We can tune so the glow plugs stay on longer, or if you want to run a manual spring waste gate we can turn off the vacuum system in the ECM so you don’t throw codes or go into limp mode. If you have a special request let us know and we will try to accommodate. 

Turnaround time can be 10-14 days. We can supply a good used ECM for $250 email or call for details also it could take longer depending on availability of a used ECM. 

We highly recommend you install our WHLP upgrade to support the new tune. Also you should have boost gauge and Exhaust Gas Temp EGT gauge to monitor those. 

After your purchase we’ll need to know your 


Differential gear ratio and tire size. 

Any other power adders you might have.