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  • RAMS Dealer Military X-Doors


    We are proud to carry such a high quality poduct thats a great solution for any project.

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    (4 door package) Military Style X-Doors are composite doors with power windows and power locks.

    *As an added safety feature we offer an optional integrated pressure sensor module within our power windows to ensure a child or pet will not be injured as a result of closing the window. For your convenience there is also an Auto-Up feature for closing your window. 

    Correct…it will not auto-up close or pinch. It will stop and reverse to retract to the limb or object. 

    Note:  On HMMWV’s the Passenger-side front battery box will need to be altered.   

    Options:  available in Fiberglass with Zinc plated or Primed steel hardware or upgrade to Stainless Steel or Titanium hardware

    Standard Door package includes:

    • Power Windows
    • Power Door Locks
    • Hinges and Strikers
    • Retainer Straps
    • Door Handles (interior & exterior)
    • Rubber Weatherstripping
    • Tempered window glass
    • Decorative trim and panels
    • Hardware, wiring and buttons for power features
    • Stainless Steel fasteners available

    Customize the features and options you desire below: 

    • Tinted window glass
    • Stainless Steel hinges
    • Stainless Steel reinforcement frame accents for Doors and Windows
    • Fast wiring harness w/Keyless Entry Remote
    • Electric push-button door opener