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  • RAMS Dealer Civilian H1 Doors


    We are proud to carry such a high quality poduct thats a great solution for any project.

    We sell and install this product let us know your questions.

    (4 door package) Civilian H1 Style Doors are composite doors with power windows and power locks.


    *As an added safety feature we offer an optional integrated pressure sensor module within our power windows to ensure a child or pet will not be injured as a result of closing the window. For your convenience there is also an Auto-Up feature for closing your window.

    Correct…it will not auto-up close or pinch. It will stop and reverse to retract to the limb or object. 

    Note:  On HMMWV’s the Passenger-side front battery box will need to be altered.   

    Options:  available in Fiberglass with Zinc plated or Primed steel hardware or upgrade to Stainless Steel or Titanium hardware

    Standard Door package includes:

    • Now Includes: Keyless Entry System with 2 Remote Key Fobs
    • Power Windows
    • Power Door Locks
    • Hinges and Strikers
    • Retainer Straps
    • Door Handles (interior & exterior)
    • Rubber Weatherstripping
    • Tempered window glass
    • Decorative trim and panels
    • Hardware, wiring and buttons for power features
    • Stainless Steel fasteners available

    Customize the features and options you desire below: 

    • Tinted window glass
    • Stainless Steel hinges
    • Stainless Steel reinforcement frame accents for Doors and Windows
    • Electric push-button door opener