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  • Mod Mafia Wilwood Big Brake Kit - H1 Full Kit

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    The GNX4 calipers are a four piston Wilwood designed caliper intended for the ECV REV HMMWV.  We have engineered brackets with correct offset and geometry to work with the civilian Hummer or H1.  It is a 100% bolt up system.  We worked with Wilwood’s Engineering department to make sure the kit met or exceeded their specifications.

    The rotors are unique to the kit which allows factory half-shafts and flanges to be used and made specifically to Wilwood’s engineering approval. We have the right to offer these unique rotors in the Mod Mafia kit that do not required the smaller output flanges and other modifications to be made.

    The Wilwood rotors fit in such a way to accept the stock output flange and mate with the stock halftshafts.  The pedal feel is greatly improved, increasing driver confidence behind the wheel.  The calipers work with DOT 3, 4, and 5.  With our repeated tests we never experience brake fade. Wilwood supports this fact with their 5 years+ development with this system. 

    All mounting brackets and hardware included.

    Our brackets are 100% MADE IN AMERICA at an ANSI 9001 certified facility.

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    Potential Truck Setups include:

    Humvee and ’92-’06 Hummer H1 (non-Alpha)

    MM BBK Front, Stock 10” Rear (factory parking brake)

    MM BBK Front and Rear (ECV Parking brake)

    ’06 Hummer H1 Alpha

    Please contact for setup.


     Truck Setup

    60-0 mph Stopping Distance

    Stopping Distance Decreased

    OEM Stock 10k Brakes (42” Tire)



    Alpha Stock Setup (37” Tire)



    MM BBK Front & Stock Rear (42” Tire)



    MM BBK Front & Rear (42” Tire)




    Test Truck

    2003 HMCS (wagon with ABS)

    42” Goodyear Kevlars

    Suspension lift and body lift

    8250 test weight