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  • UORVA Engineering Radiator (PREORDER)

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    Mod Mafia is happy to release the UORVA Radiator for PREORDER with expected shipping date Late December 2020

    We have tested every radiator on the market and weren’t satisfied so we dug deep in to the UORVA Files and found a never released radiator.  We spent months going over design features and aspects of the radiator with C&R’s Engineering Team to perfect the product before we got our first articles for testing.  All this effort and time has truly paid off to make the best made radiator for the Hummer H1 and Humvee Platform.  


    - Proprietary Core made in house at C&R

    - Superior heat exchanger design 

    - Only Radiator with an external exoskeleton

    - Soft mounted radiator core

    - Superior fit and finish, direct bolt up

    The exoskeleton is very important because the internal core is not stressed while driving or off roading from the weight of the additional coolers on top of the radiator.  This is why all other aluminum radiator crack and fail over time.

    This radiator along with our other cooling products and mods truly delivers the best cooling system for the Hummer H1 or Humvee.

    Using C&R Racing proprietary core this radiator has unrivaled heat rejection per square inch.

    This radiator is made exclusively for UORVA by C&R Racing.  C&R Racing makes all heat exchangers for every Formula 1 Team and all cooling stacks for NASCAR.

    As with all Mod Mafia products it has been thoroughly tested offroading around the country.