Engineer Owned and Operated
  • Mod Mafia HD Cooling System


    We have been running H1's in Texas for over a decade and we have the recipe to keep your truck cool and dialed in no matter what you use it for. 

    We believe the only way to address the cooling system is to increase air flow and have better engine coolant flow.


    - Ceramic Coated Balanced Flow Water Pump (Mod Mafia Only) is a drastic improvement and helps guard against the #8 cylinder issues.  Early water pump designs that came on the Hummer H1 and HMMWV have several built in flaws.  This is the solution.

    - Mod Mafia HD Cooling Fan are cut in house by hand to fit the unique Hummer H1 and HMMWV fan shrouds (they are designed with clearances for extreme offroad use (flex))

    - Mod Mafia HD Fan Clutch has a higher percent lock up and also starts to lock up sooner to help with heavy loading and to keep the cooling system as cool as possible.

    - Bypass Restriction Fitting (BRF).  To help engine coolant temp the factory replaced the single thermostat housing with a dual thermostat housing to increase the flow to the radiator.  The engine coolant will take the path of least resistance, therefore we are increasing the resistance for the fluid to short cycle and bypass the radiator.  This will make a larger percentage of the coolant actually travel through the radiator and therfore reduce engine coolant temps.