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  • Mod Mafia Windshield Lightbar

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    The only lightbar mandrel bent from 1.75" 120 wall DOM steel tubing.  The lasercut top plate is cut from 3/16" plate steel, it is also broken more than 90 degrees to mount along the windshield frame.  This helps distribute the load when hitting tree limbs offroad. 

    We offer two versions of this lightbar:  Open Top, and Hard Top.  They share the same features, but have slightly different profiles to properly protect the different roof styles.  (Additional pictures coming soon.)

    Top plate was designed to hold (7) VisionX 6.7" Multi LED Light Cannons or (2) 4.7" Xmitter Prime VisionX lightbars and (1) 50" Xmitter Prime VisionX lightbar.  

    The vertical tubes are set up make running wire much quicker and less likely to chafe.  

    One of the few lightbars where you can change your windshield wiper arm with out needing to removing the light bar first.

    Another benefit to this lightbar is the amount of protection it adds in case of a roll over, or truck flying off a cliff (RIP, beloved GOAT). The pillar mounts are designed to collapse and have the bulkhead of the cab take the large load in case an unfortunate event were to occur.

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