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  • Mod Mafia ARP Locker Bolt Kit

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    The factory installed ring gear bolts are TTY (Torque To Yield) and are designed to be used only one time.  We offer a Bolt Kit from ARP that has (8) ring gear bolts and (4) bearing cap bolts (enough for one Differential).  These bolts are much higher quality with rolled threads and can be used over and over again.  This added insurance will help make your Hummer H1 / HMMWV more reliable when you're tearing it up on your adventures.

    One kit is for one Differential.

    Note:  We have developed new torque specs for this product that are different than factory to safely maintain clamping forces.  They are lower torque values than factory because the factory uses TTY (torque to yield):

    - ARP MM Ring Gear Bolts 75 lb-ft

    - ARP MM Main Cap Bolts 90 lb-ft

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