Engineer Owned and Operated
  • MM MP2225 Transfercase


    The MP 2225 Transfercase is the only AWD upgrade Tcase for the Hummer H1 and HMMWV.  These came on the latest ECV HMMWV's that are 16,000lbs.  

    MM Specific Improvements:

    - We open every brand new tcase to add the High/Low switch in the front case half.

    - Also we install our MM Billet Tail Housing that will use the stock VSS (vehicle speed sensor)

    - We make it 100% plug and play, use the same driveshafts and sensors plug right into the factory H1 harness.

    List of Improvements:

    - Chain is 20% wider and therefore much stronger

    - Significantly improved cooling loop that now runs of engine coolant.

    - The case halves have a lot more bolts for better sealing and ultimate strength.