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  • Locking Idler Arm Kit

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    Add approximately 100% in strength to your OEM Idler bolts (50% strength increase over MOOG upgraded Idler bolts) and positive locking to your Idler arm bolts. Torque figures rise from 60ft/lbs up to 120ft/lbs.

    This kit is designed to replace the current idler bolts, washers and lock nuts with upgraded 1/2-20 L9 bolts drilled for safety wire, L9 washers and a backing plate milled out of solid 4340 tempered high tensile alloy steel which has been nickel-zinc plated for corrosion resistance.

    Eliminate loose idler bolts after a hard day of wheeling or simply make installing your idler easier with this elegant solution. Backing plate eliminates the need to fit a wrench on the inside of the frame rail while tightening.

    Kit comes with enough safety wire to install 3 times.  Extra safety wire can be obtained from a variety of sources online or your local hardware store.

    KIT REQUIRES REAMING YOUR EXISTING FRAME SLEEVES. The process is very straight forward and simple and takes 15-30 minutes from start to finish. Requires a standard 1/2” drive cordless hand drill and some WD-40. A 13mm reamer is required to ream out the sleeves and can be sourced locally or and can be purchased on ebay for around $20.

    Fits all AMG Hummers, Hummer H1s, and HMMWVs except the H1 Alpha and the ECV HMMWV.