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ARB Compressor Twin 12v, CKMTA12

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Mod Mafia tested the ARB CKMTA12 twin air compressor for about 6 months before offering it for sale (mount sold separately).  The 24v version of this compressor was tested in HMMWVs with success.  It has two small compressors built into one so they run independently, just like a built in spare.  It works really well, it's quieter, faster, readily available, and much cheaper than a factory replacement. 

When you buy the ARB it comes with wire harness to complete the setup.

Test Data:
We tested a stock CTIS system with Cepek lines on Cepek wheels and 42" Goodyear Kevlars. Followed by mounting on a truck with the ARB unit..  Trucks were of similar weight. The test were done with in 2 hrs of each other and ambient temp was about the same.  Both trucks were running.

Stock compressor 20psi - 30psi (all 4 tires) :  10:51 min
ARB compressor 20psi - 30psi (all 4 tires) :  4:28 min

About 59% quicker!  

- 20-30 psi test was chooses because of normal off-road pressure of 18-20 psi and on road drive around 30-32 psi