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  • 7Fab ECV/REV Hummer Airlift Hooks

    The 7Fab ECV/REV Hummer Airlift Hooks are designed like the original ECV/REV airlift hooks, with two exceptions.  We made these air lift hooks 1" thick versus the 3/4" ECV/REV hooks to give the H1s a tougher, heavy duty look.  Additionally, the hooks were designed to accommodate Hummer H1s and HMMWVs from stock up to 3" of body lift. These were specifically made match the stature that the Hummer possesses, address the common issue of not being able to see the airlift hooks with a body lift and to support aftermarket D-ring bumpers.  
    There is no comparison between the 7Fab airlifts hooks and stock air lift hooks found on most H1 and HMMWVs. With the solid lower connection and 1" thickness, it makes these the easiest to install and the strongest on the market.
    We left the lower 1" of the airlift hook uncoated to facilitate installation.  To accommodate varying heights, the hooks may require cutting.  

    The Kit includes
    - (2) powder coated airlift hooks