Mod Mafia / AVA – Hummer / HMMWV Sub-Freezing HVAC Kit

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If you’re sweatin’ in your Hummer, it should be from adrenaline; not the heat!  Our AVA A/C kit has been tested and shown to put out air up to 30°F colder than the stock system!  Available for any year H1 (and yes, HMMWV- coming soon).

This HVAC system is the Cadillac of Hummer HVAC.  AVA has the exclusive rights to create OEM parts.  So no need to go hunting through junk yards, and praying that you find a working unit (that may only last a few years).  These units are brand new, updated technology, and sub-freezing temperatures.  And the best part?  They WILL fit.

Our adapters also take this unit to more Hummers.  So no matter the year of H1, you will get a perfect fit!  Also coming soon, are the HMMWV adapters!  So watch this listing!  It’s currently in the prototype phase, so it won’t be long before it’s available here.

This kit does not require any cutting of factory interior panels, and only 92-97 Hummer H1’s will have to cut fire wall to make the box fit like the 97.5-2006 Hummer H1’s.


  • Mod Mafia ABS Mounting Hardware
  • Mod Mafia Billet Aluminum Control Faceplate
  • Up to 30°F Colder than the Best Stock System (Compared to a 2001 H1 with freshly charged AC)
  • Included Heater Core
  • Fully Electronic (no cables)

Key Features:

  • Ultra-Cold Air Conditioning!
  • Billet Aluminum Control Face Plate
  • Electronic Servos (no more vacuum pump!)

Kit Includes:

  • Mod Mafia adapter plate (specify your vehicle year and type on ordering)
  • Advanced Vehicle Assemblers (AVA) H1 Alpha cooling box
  • Condenser Unit
  • Compressor Unit
  • Wiring Harness
  • Lines
  • Control Unit + Billet Aluminum Face Plate

Additional information

Vehicle Type

1992-1995 Hummer H1, 1996-2002 Hummer H1, 2003 Hummer H1, 2004 or 2006 Hummer H1


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