Engineer Owned and Operated

We are two engineers with a passion for automobiles.  While it started with h1 hummers, we also have also gone into other platforms of rare, fun and fast automobiles. We pride ourselves with our innovation and development of the Hummer and HMMWV platform by continually evolving in the aftermarket.  We use our trucks, on-road and off-road, proving that reliability can be achieved in one of the most difficult platforms around.

Over the years we have witnessed many aftermarket parts and suppliers’ customer service not meet our expectations. We will raise that bar. We are here to stay. There is also a lot of theory and assumptions about the platform that we intend on clarifying and improving.  Just because something appears to be working, does not mean it cannot work better or more reliably. 

We continually see areas for improving the platform inside and out.  Every product that we develop goes through exhaustive R&D process, engineering, prototyping, and testing long before offered to the public. Both Josh and Mark have highly modified H1’s, running 42” tires and countless aftermarket parts. The current offerings of parts is well into the hundreds, with over twice that in drawing or design phases.

We pride ourselves on being one of the few H1 vendors that actually use their trucks extensively AND technically off-road.

If you have an idea that you would like for us to look into or develop, please feel free to contact us at

Joshua A. George


Chemical Engineer, Texas Tech

Mark W. Pyles


Mechanical Engineer, Texas A&M